Korkmaz Duplo 34×25 cm Black Frying Pan with LidProduct

SKU: A1469

Product features

​Dimension: 34x25x8 cm
Top height: 3cm
Bottom height: 5cm
  • Energy-saving aluminum die-cast body with high heat conduction
  • Possibility to use as two separate pans
  • High temperature resistant, removable and cleanable silicone gasket
  • Cooking without toxic fumes (no PFOA, cadium or lead)
  • Magnetic locking system that provides steam output from a single point
  • Granite-like PTFE coating with excellent non-stick properties on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Extra resistance and strength against scratching
  • High temperature resistant bakelite handle
Duplo, which is produced from recycled, completely natural materials with environmentally friendly technology, makes delicious meals using very little oil with its granite-like interior and exterior coating that is extra resistant to scratching. Thanks to the double-sided lids, one flip is enough to cook fish, chicken, meat and roast.
Note: Spare gasket is provided.


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