Elica NikolaTesla Prime BL/F/83

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The perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality.

Dedicated to those who, whilst seeking simplicity in their everyday life, do not want to forsake excellence in the design.

NikolaTesla Prime is the Elica induction hob with an integrated aspiration system made unique by the search for balanced aesthetics and attention to the functional details.
In the center of the glass hob with four independent induction zones sits the elegant cast-iron grill which gives the product a professional look and which conceals the powerful aspirating heart.
In NikolaTesla Prime, by activating the AUTOCAPTURE function, the aspiration system automatically adjusts based on the number of cooking zones being used and their power setting. In the front of the hob is a single control panel
that controls both the induction zones and the aspirating system with a simple touch of your finger.
In standby mode, it becomes completely invisible, showing the hob in all its sleekness.
The new aesthetics make cleaning simplicity itself, both for the glass hob and the cast iron grille that can be conveniently washed in a dishwasher. By removing it, you can extract the filters to clean and maintain them.

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