Electrolux Refrigerator



Adaptable spaces with FlexiShelf:
With FlexiShelf, you can reorganise the interior of the fridge in whichever way suits you. The movable, half-depth glass shelf can extend fully, or just half way, to make room for taller items. Meaning you can always store tall bottles, or many smaller items, effortlessly.

No compromise on space with MaxiBox:
We specially designed the MaxiBox vegetable drawer to provide great storage for even the largest ingredients in your fridge. Meaning you can organise your space easily and efficiently. You can store everything from bags of potatoes to watermelon with ease.

Consistently cool with DynamicAir:
DynamicAir makes sure that the environment inside your fridge is kept at a stable temperature. It works by circulating cool air throughout, meaning that even when the door is opened, your food is protected from heating up. Preserving food better the clever way.

Effortless control with Electronic Touch Controls:
Electronic Touch Controls provide easy access to the fridge’s settings and functions, so you can effortlessly change the temperature depending on your needs. It’s control at your fingertips.

Cool ingredients in a second with FastCool:
New items added to the fridge take time to chill and increase the overall temperature inside. The fast-acting FastCool function preserves food and cools new ingredients quickly by dropping the temperature for a short period.



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  • Net capacity cooling compartment: 310 l
  • Extremely silent: only 35 dB
  • Egg tray: 2 for 6 eggs
  • Appliance HxWxD (mm): 1769 x 556 x 549
  • Internal LED light
  • Holiday function to minimize energy consumption
    during long absence avoiding mould and bad odours
  • Electronic temperature control with LCD display
  • Built-in HxWxD (mm): 1780 x 560 x 550
  • Refrigerator
  • Action Cool function quickly assures the desired refrigeration temperature
  • 1780 mm built-in height
  • Door hinges placement: Right & Reversible
  • Soft-closing door solution
  • For fully integrated, door-on-door installation
  • Refrigerator shelves: 4 Full Width + 1Flexi shelf, Foil on Plastic
  • Drawers on telescopic gliders
  • Special drawers: Plastic w. Foil, 1 Fully Extendable Pull Out Drawer (with divider)
  • Audible & visual open door warning signal
  • Fan air circulation for even temperature throughout the fridge
  • Shopping function quickly assures the desired refrigeration temperature
  • Extremely silent: only 35 dB

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