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Delicious with confidence
So many cooks love the responsiveness of gas. And now we’ve made it even more intuitive. The bright LED lights on the Electrolux hob with FlameLight clearly show you whether a knob is turned on or off. Plus they tell you if a pan support is still hot. So you can enjoy cooking with gas in full confidence.

Instant LED information
To give you more reassurance while cooking with gas we’ve added two important extras. FlameLight LED indicators tell you if a burner is turned on or off. And residual heat indicators show whether pan supports are still hot after use.

The Acoustic Buzzer alerts you if the gas is left on
The Acoustic Buzzer alerts you when a control knob has been turned on for long period of time. Additionally, if the gas is accidently left on, it emits a warning sound to remind you to turn it off.

Time every dish for maximum flavour
The adjustable minute minder helps you bring out the best in your cooking, no matter what’s on the hob, from the simplest boiled egg to a smooth, creamy risotto. You can use it to time other kitchen tasks, too, like marinating meat or proving dough.

An intuitive companion
One of this hob’s helpful features is Hob2Hood. It can automatically switch on your cooker hood and lights as you start cooking if you want it to. It means you don’t get distracted by trying to regulate the fan, so you can keep your mind – and your hands – on your cooking instead. You can manually control the hood from the hob too, so you can adjust the fan speed yourself if you prefer.

Powerful heating for fuller flavour
The multi-crown burner in our 4k Wok Burner is designed to provide a more powerful flame. Giving you an extra boost of heat to cook authentic Asian flavours.

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