Bespoke Kitchens

The ideal kitchen layout should have free space between the three main areas in the kitchen: the cooking area, the fridge and the washing area. Based on the layout of the kitchen, a work triangle is usually formed.

Bespoke kitchens are efficiently designed if one can to go to the refrigerator, to the sink and to the stove in one easy path and there should be some working area between each two components. In the case of bigger kitchens, an island can be built which may have one of the components allowing more storage space and easy accessibility while multitasking.

Ventilation is also important and as such, the right cooking hoods and ventilating accessories need to be selected to match the room size and cooking apparatus



These models have a more traditional look but are still infused with modern, high-quality fittings. The bespoke kitchens are hand-crafted in the style of the old Roman architecture and are designed to converge the aesthetics, exuberance, style and all the trappings of traditional royalty, with the efficiency and finesse of modern technology.


These are smart and elegant kitchen systems offering wide possibilities of colors, materials, forms and styles that blend with the furnishing needs of the living area. These bespoke kitchens come standard with built-in appliances and breakfast or dining tables where food prepared can be enjoyed by family members in a very relaxed and informal setting. After each meal, the Electrolux dishwasher, which come standard, takes care of the dishes while the Elica hoods guarantee constant air freshness of the home devoid of food odor. This is the go to kitchen for families that want to spend quality time in a relaxed, more intimate environment.

Post Modern

These bespoke kitchens are tailored to the special needs of the most discerning customer and are uniquely designed to offer comfort, ambience and practicality in a charming and elegant setting according to the image of each customer. It is a synthesis of the classical, contemporary and modern designs with its very own DNA. As a customer, with the guidance of a highly trained consultant, you will be the architect of your post-modern kitchen and will have the luxury of integrating your personality into the design. You can also rest easy knowing that your kitchen can only be imitated but never duplicated. Families that value unique, one-of-a-kind experiences will be happiest with this model.


The contemporary model reflects a true convergence of innovation, emotion and lifestyle. These versatile bespoke kitchens have a central theme that reflects the new way of living. The open plan design has the kitchen dovetail into the living area and utilizes wall cabinets and book cases to separate the spaces thus enhancing functionality and harmony. These kitchens are designed with world-class built in appliances from the Electrolux and Elica families that accentuate the ergonomic designs. It is no wonder customers have nicknamed them “End of discussion.”

Need a Bespoke Kitchen?

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