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Why Design/Upgrade your Kitchen at Belanova

Modern day view of kitchen setup and configuration has moved beyond the generic definition of a kitchen as a place where food is cooked to the definition of a kitchen as “a room equipped for cooking” i.e a luxurious space where cooking ideology is crafted and culinary inspiration actualized using modern day equipment and technology.
At BELANOVA, we present this ideology to customers in Nigeria, in a way that is sell-able, catchy and impressive.

Our kitchen Department is positioned to cater for the needs of clients and customers beyond their expectations and our array of skilled professionals are always on call to attend to requests and inquiries.
We build our customize kitchen using MFC (Melamine Faced Chip) boards, which is a high density board not prone to bending or curve. It is crafted in collaboration with Lube Industries, Italy.

We also deploy a customized 3cad software in the design and presentation of a 3D Layout of the Kitchen before the actual implementation.
This gives the client an expectation and serves as a template for the actual implementation.

Our core kitchen Appliances and Accessories are sourced from notable brands in Europe like CM, Franke, Elica, Elba, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Inoxa etc.

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